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M / mika ninagawa

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M / mika ninagawa Collaboration directed by photographer and film director Mika Ninagawa.

Mika Ninagawa
Photographer, Film director 

Award winning photographer and recipent of the Kimura Ihei Award for Photography, Mika Ninagawa is well known for directing the films "Sakuran" (2007), "Helter Skelter" (2012), "Diner Diner" (2019), "No Longer Human and the Three Women" (2019). Since February 2020, the Netflix original drama "FOLLOWERS" has been distributed in 190 countries around the world. She has also worked on many video productions. In 2008, "Mika Ninagawa: Earthly Flowers, Heavenly Colors" toured museums nationwide. She has held large-scale solo exhibitions mainly in Asia, such as in Taipei and Shanghai, where she has gained such popularity that her exhibition broke the MOCA Taipei museum's previous attendance record and attracted worldwide attention. June 2018 marked the start of her traveling exhibition, MIKA NINAGAWA Into Fiction/Reality premiering at Kumamoto Contemporary Art Museum, that will tour Japan until 2021. In 2020, her latest photo book "東京 TOKYO" was announced. She is also currently an executive board member of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2020.